The Granite, Quartzite and Marble are commonly used natural stones for Countertops.


We offer the Highest Quality craftsmanship in fabrication & installation with the Largest Selection of Granites.

Granite has been around since the beginning of time for its natural beauty and durability.

Granite is tougher and durable than other Materials such as Formica, and it stands up well and lends a luxury to your Room. There is a huge variety of Colours and Textures.

Price ranges between $45 to $100+ and depending upon the Colour and type of Granite you choose. It has a number of Advantages such as its Resistant to Heat that makes it well worth the Price.  

Granite is Porous and requires sealing at least once a year. It could stain or absorb any liquid. If not sealed properly and on time.


Marble is a timeless look for those homeowners looking for the elegant counters with soft veining and for the finishing touch for any Fireplace surround to add a touch of Natural beauty.

Marble Counters are amazingly gorgeous. It is an undeniably beautiful Material that instantly creates a sense of Elegance. If well-maintained, it can increase the look and Value of the House.

Marble stains very easily with coffee, Vinegar, Oil, Turmeric etc. It is softer and more porous than Granite. It scratches and cracks easily if it’s not maintained well. It could be incredibly expensive.  


Quartzite is another Natural Stone. It looks pretty much like Marble. But more durable than Marble. It is Heat Resistant.

It is also Porous and requires sealing more often. More Expensive than Granite.  It can stain, scratch or Crack Easily.

It has limited color Choices.

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